Emerson Hall Replacement Project

Project Description

UC Davis proposes to demolish Emerson Hall, which is a part of the existing Cuarto Residence Hall Area, and construct a replacement 180,000 square-foot residence hall area. The existing three-story 118,000 square foot building was constructed in 1967 and houses 500 students. The new facility would consist of three separate buildings around a central courtyard consisting of two four-story buildings and a single five-story building.  The new buildings would provide improved energy efficiency and an upgraded design for improved livability and student enjoyment, along with addressing current building deficiencies. The Project would increase the housing on the site by 300 beds to provide 800 beds. The residential buildings would also provide space for lounge and study areas, a community kitchen, laundry facilities, bicycle parking, and other support space.  The proposed demolition is anticipated to begin in 2019. Student residents would move to the new building at the beginning of the Fall 2022 academic year. 

Environmental Review Timeline

  • Tiered Initial Study Published (1/22/18)
  • 30-Day Comment Period on Tiered Initial Study (1/22/18 to 2/20/18)